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Content Guidelines

No Hate Speech

SpiceJin does not encourage or publish hateful commentary on religion and ethnicities. We are an inclusive platform.

Original Content

Share articles, videos, stories, and original write-ups. Previously published or copied work is not approved. With video content, ensure to take consent of the place and people you are shooting with to avoid future trouble.


As a responsible global citizen, do not share ideas and news that are incorrect and not factual. Any hateful video to defile any individual/business will not be entertained. Our global reader base is built on honest opinions.

No Promotional Writings

As a contributor, the ideas, videos, and articles should be unbiased and no promotion of a company, product, NGO, or political party will be entertained.

Checklist Before Sending Articles/Blogs

  • Make sure to do a grammar check before sending the document.
  • Email the document on a word file, along with relevant pictures if possible.
  • Feature image size should be 1024 x 650 in a .jpg or .png or .webp format.
  • Do not share pixelated, blurry, or triggering pictures ( nudity/ violence)
  • The article can be between 700- 1000 words, not less.
  • The video quality should not be blurry and not exceed five minutes in duration.
  • We appreciate our contributors sharing their bio and pictures for us to pin on the website