Breast Reconstruction Surgery Options In America

By Mary Ann

3 December 2022

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgery is performed to reconstruct the breasts. Sometimes rebuilding requires multiple operations. There are numerous methods for breast reconstruction. Saline or silicone breast implants are sometimes used. Other methods make use of a flap of bodily tissue (such as tissue from the lower belly).

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Breast reconstruction is possible immediately following breast cancer surgery (immediate reconstruction). Or it can occur a few months or even years later (delayed reconstruction). Surgery to rebuild both breasts may be necessary. Alternatively, your doctor can swap out one breast for another and reshape it to match. Your doctor might advise various operations spread out across several phases.

After a mastectomy, some patients opt to have breast reconstruction, but many do not. Breast reconstruction is a very personal decision.

Types Of Breast Reconstruction: 

• Flap Reconstructing

In flap reconstruction, your surgeon creates a breast using autologous tissue taken from your body. The tissue is typically removed from the lower abdomen (belly). However, it can also emanate from your bottom, back, or thigh.

To create a new breast, your surgeon may extract fat, skin, blood vessels, and muscle from these areas of your body. Medical professionals refer to this tissue as a flap. Occasionally, surgeons will pass a flap through your body (pedicled flap). In this manner, the flap keeps its blood flowing. They could also make the flap free by cutting off its blood supply and attaching it to your chest's blood arteries.

• Implant Reconstructing

Saline or silicone implants are used by surgeons during implant restoration to restore breast tissue. A combination of implants and bodily tissue is occasionally used by surgeons. It is possible to combine implant reconstruction with a mastectomy. Or you could decide to undergo this treatment following a mastectomy.

1. The implant is positioned underneath the chest muscle by the surgeon after raising the muscle.

2. The implant is positioned above the chest muscle by the surgeon. Because your chest muscle is still in place, you might not need as much recuperation time.

3. Tissue expander implant: Your doctor inserts an expander under your skin. You or your healthcare professional should fill the expander with saline around once a week. Your skin progressively enlarges (stretches). Once your skin has grown sufficiently to cover the implant, your surgeon will insert it.


Factors To Consider:

• Your general well-being (including issues that might affect your healing, such as smoking or certain health conditions)

• how big and where your breast cancer is

• Your bust measurement

• The extent of your breast cancer surgery, including if a lumpectomy or mastectomy is an option for you, as well as whether you might be able to keep your nipple

• If you will require cancer therapies besides surgery

• Reconstruction-eligible tissue availability (for example, very thin women may not have enough extra tummy tissue to use this area for breast reconstruction, and having a "tummy tuck" in the past makes the tummy tissue not usable for breast reconstruction)

• Whether you want breast reconstruction on one or both

• Your urge to make the other breast appear the same

• Regarding the unaffected breast, your insurance will cover the associated charges.

• How soon after surgery do you wish to be able to recover

• Your readiness to undergo many procedures as part of the rebuilding

• How various reconstructive procedures may affect your body's other organs

There are various options for breast reconstruction available to women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer. You and your doctors should discuss various aspects, such as your health and your personal preferences while determining which type is ideal for you. Before making a choice, take the time to familiarize yourself with your alternatives and think about speaking with others who have undergone the surgery.

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