Makeup Hacks For Women Over 30

By Hafsa Hafeez

14 November 2022

When you turned 30, what did you think of first? Was it declared on Instagram that you were "thirty, flirtatious, and thriving," moping about in a pint of ice cream because your 20s were long gone, or was it taking a big trip to celebrate? We'd be remiss if we said that starting your 30s wouldn't bring about some changes in your life, regardless of how you spent it. First, you could observe that your long-standing cosmetics routine no longer complements your skin.

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 Can we now predict that the day you turn 30 you will suddenly have dry, sagging skin? Most likely not, but getting ahead of the game and altering your regimen will help you improve the skin you already have. Additionally, a little variety is required to freshen things up as many of us have used the same routine for years, except for a few products (hello, Naked palette).

 These are just suggestions, so if you believe that deep black smoky eyes with a tonne of shimmer suit you the best, go for it. However, incorporating a few of these adjustments into your daily routine will make you feel young and energetic once more (and maybe even get you carded—woohoo!).

 Moisturize and exfoliate your skin

As we age, our skin naturally loses collagen and moisture, so it's not surprising that beyond the age of 30, it might start to feel a little tighter (not in a good way) and drier. It's wise to use an exfoliating product to remove all the dead skin and any flakiness, followed by a moisturizer, as applying makeup over a dry face is a no-no. You can add moisture wherever needed if you have oily skin.

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Swap eye drops for mascara and eyeliner

Use eye drops to open your eyes instead of using a lot of mascara and eyeliner. Though sharp blacks and thick lines can have the reverse effect, making your makeup appear overdone, mascara and eyeliner are fantastic techniques to make your eyes look open and wide. However, eye drops brighten the eyes from the inside out, making you appear instantly awake even without a drop of makeup.

For dark circles, use a color corrector

By the time you reach your 30s, you could believe that you have a regular sleep regimen. However, with that comes the persistent dark rings under the eyes. Choose a lightweight color corrector to work smarter, not harder, instead of layering on concealer as we used to. A two-in-one product will lighten the under-eye area and correct any darkness, giving you the appearance of being awake even when you're not. To balance out the blue/purple tones in dark circles, you might also use a corrective concealer in a peach or orange color.

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Create a false shine with creams

A glowy base is all about layering creams rather than covering your face in metallic primers and glitters to look dewy and glowing (we've all done it). To get a dewy base, substitute a glossy cream blush or liquid bronzer for stunning highlighters in your makeup routine. Additionally, a cream will perform a far better job of concealing any texture on your face (such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scars, and acne), but a powder product may occasionally adhere to those patches and make them even more visible.

 Go for your natural brow shape

In the past 30 years, we have survived quite a few brow trends. The little hairs above our eyes have been subjected to a variety of treatments, from the sperm brow to the block brow to the fluffy brow. When you reach your 30s, you realize that while these trends are entertaining, nothing compares to the form of your natural brows. Whether your brows are naturally arched, straight, or seem like Cara Delevigne's, their form is what it is for a reason—it best complements your features.

 Choose shiny, hydrating lips

All those matte lipsticks simply don't cut it anymore if you're noticing the rest of your face becoming drier as well as your lips. Nothing is more moisturizing for lips than a glossy balm, which is what you need. Choose a product with a hint of pigment if you're out of lipstick. Because they are the ideal balance of glossy but not tacky, tinted but not opaque, and moisturizing but not messy, these lip cosmetics dominate the market. Making use of one of these is like entering the sophisticated world.

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