All Pakistan Restaurant Awards APRA Awards 2023

By Andrea Cooper

15 March 2023

We are in the quarter of 2023 and people have been raving about the changes in the food scene of Pakistan. Thanks to more digital platforms, there is a change in attitudes.
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Cancel or Love In A Week

Yes, the people who go and have food can make a place die down or flourish as their reviews and opinions can get a good spot online. Eventually, this makes everything final for a place to sustain or to die down. However, there are certain bodies that govern this system with relevant awards and recognition for the people to continue their business.

What Is APRA

According to their website, "All Pakistan Restaurant Association (APRA) is the only authorized body of Restaurants and Caterers in Pakistan to advocate their rights. It is registered with Directorate General Trade Organisation (DGTO), Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad, registration number 214."

APRA Awards 2023

The awards were organized on 14th March and whole new categories were announced for people to delve more into the food business. A few winners' names we got right here for you
New Entrant Award: Saltanat Restaurant
International Brand of the year: Nandos
Best Burger: Burger'o clock
Best chai/coffee place: Filli Cafe
Best cafe: Vintage Cafe
Best Dining Restaurant: Foods Inn
Best Pocket-friendly Restaurant: Kaybees Pakistan
Best Chinese Restaurant: Tao Pan Asian
Best Biryani: Qadri Nalli Biryani
Bakery of the year: United King Pakistan
Best Middle Eastern Food: Alarahi
There were more which we will update for our viewers! Let us know if you agree with these winners

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