Couples in Sichuan Can Have Unlimited Children

By Andrea Cooper

30 January 2023

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China's Sichuan province has eased their restriction and now couples can have as many children as they want to! This extreme measure is taken up to ensure that the negative population decline gets better.

The Chinese population growth rate is negative just like Japan and even though many years back one-child policy was reverted, many parents are not ready to have more than one child.

Deaths Higher Than Births

in 2022 the number of deaths was higher than the number of births, this is quite alarming as more kids need to come into the world to understand the Chinese rules!

But the changes that began in 2016 failed to halt the decline in the birth rate. Deaths outnumbered births for the first time last year in China. However, in Sichuan people can have as many kids as they like to and increase their family!