Kardashians Are Witches?

By Hira Waheed

3 November 2022

A TikToker has made waves recently with his explosive video which is another conspiracy theory in the world. However, when it comes to the Kardashians and their lives there is no end to the drama. This video and the conversation permeating from it on Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms are hilarious, crazy, and bizarre to say the least.

Kardashian girls.jpg

The Armenian Witches

The story goes back to the 18th century when the great great great great great grandmother of the Kardashian clan, named Kekel Kardashian went into the deep forests of Armenia to meet the shunned witches.

There she asked them to strip her bad luck of her and give her offspring fame fortune and beauty. She was determined to make their future full of money and wealth.

The witches were ostracized by the community and were loathed.

However, they made her do some kind of dance, took her"soul" and granted the wish. 

The result is all the kids of the Kardashian clan are always famous, loaded with money, and always in the limelight.

However, this spell also brought a curse on the men in the Kardashian family. There is some crazy work or just bad luck with them.

Men Getting Bad Luck

Kanye West.jpgScott Disick.jpg

Scott Disick was recently in a car crash and what was sad he lost a lot of money. It is speculated that he is under financial constraints and struggling to keep up.

Lamar Odom another fallen angel fell prey to addiction and a downfall in his sporting career, all after his entry into the life of Kardashian women.

Kanye West is the latest problematic star on the block. America saw him rise and fall from glory within days. Although, Kendall Jenner addressed this issue in the best way.

Her response was apt that we are not responsible for the failures and public misdemeanors of these men.

The narrative is super insane and is another example of a witch hunt and patriarchy in this world where women are trying to find success with their strengths!

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