Pizza Hut Joins the Pickle Craze with a Bold Creation

By Hira Waheed

8 June 2023

In recent years, pickles have experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, captivating the taste buds of food enthusiasts and gaining widespread attention. Pickles have become a major culinary trend, with viral food hacks and renowned brands seizing the opportunity to embrace their growing relevance.
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Pizza Hut pickles.jpg

Pizza Hut Makes a Bold Move

Pizza Hut has taken notice of the pickle phenomenon and made history by becoming the first national quick-service pizza restaurant to introduce a pizza with a pickle topping. This groundbreaking announcement has sparked excitement among pickle-loving fans.

Exclusive Location and Limited-Time Offering

The new creation, known as the Pickle Pizza, is currently available exclusively at one Pizza Hut location on 932 8th Avenue in New York City. However, eager customers must act swiftly, as this limited-time offering is only available from June 9 to June 11.
To experience the tantalizing flavors of the Pickle Pizza, fans must visit the designated Pizza Hut store as it is exclusively available through carryout. Ordering online or opting for delivery will not include this unique culinary delight.

The Delicious Details

The Pickle Pizza boasts a delectable combination of ingredients. It starts with a hand-tossed crust, generously sauced with Buttermilk Ranch. On top of the ranch-infused crust, a layer of cheese sets the stage for an explosion of flavors. The pizza is then adorned with crispy breaded chicken breast seasoned with Nashville Hot Seasoning and sliced white onions. The pièce de résistance is the generous heap of spicy dill pickles that crown the pizza, complemented by a drizzle of Buttermilk Ranch.

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