Taco Bell Introduces Vegan Options

By Hira Waheed

9 June 2023

Taco Bell, the renowned California-based chain, has made a significant announcement for vegans and plant-based enthusiasts. For the first time ever, they are introducing a fully vegan entree item to their menu: the Vegan Crunchwrap. This new addition promises a delightful combination of Taco Bell's own plant-based "beef," along with a creamy vegan blanco sauce and vegan nacho sauce.

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Developing a Vegan Masterpiece

According to Taco Bell, the development of the Vegan Crunchwrap involved extensive testing and tasting. The vegan nacho sauce, in particular, underwent meticulous refinement by the chain's in-house chefs to ensure its exceptional flavor. Liz Matthews, Taco Bell's Global Chief Food Innovation Officer, expressed their commitment to the vegan and vegetarian community, stating that this special release took considerable time to perfect, aiming to offer a truly mouth-watering experience.

Certified Vegan Ingredients

Every component of the Vegan Crunchwrap, including the crispy tostada shell, has received certification from the American Vegetarian Association, confirming its vegan status. However, Taco Bell acknowledges that in certain locations, the same oil may be used for frying both vegan and non-vegan ingredients. Additionally, employees may handle both types of ingredients, which could result in minimal cross-contact.

Limited Availability and Trial Run


As of now, the Vegan Crunchwrap is exclusively available for a limited time at select Taco Bell locations in Los Angeles, New York City, and Orlando. These include 6741 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, CA, 976 6th Ave in New York, NY, and 11893 East Colonial Dr in Orlando, FL. The pricing of the Vegan Crunchwrap will be the same as its non-vegan counterpart, subject to market variations. This trial run aims to gather valuable customer feedback to guide future menu developments, indicating the potential for wider availability in the future.

An Innovative Approach to Veggie Options

Missy Schaaphok, Taco Bell's Director of Global Nutrition and Sustainability, emphasizes the brand's dedication to meeting their fans' evolving preferences. The introduction of the Vegan Crunchwrap represents a unique twist on customer-customizable menu items, offering a vegan option straight off the menu without any modifications. Schaaphok believes that no veggie burger can compare to this new creation, and Taco Bell invites customers in Los Angeles, New York, and Orlando to put this claim to the test.

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