Doodh Soda

A popular and refreshing drink that originated in Pakistan and India.

Doodh Soda

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Doodh Soda, Milk Pakola, Drink


    • Water As Required
    • 1-2 Tbsp of Basil Seeds / Tukh Malanga
    • 2 Cups of Milk
    • 3 Tbsp of Caster Sugar
    • 2 Cups of Soda (Fizzy Drink)
    • 6-7 Cubes of Ice


  1. Soak 1-2 tablespoons of basil seeds (Tukh Malanga) in water for about 10-15 minutes, until they become soft and plump.
  2. Take a jug, mix 2 cups of milk and 3 tablespoons of caster sugar. Stir until the sugar dissolves completely.
  3. Add the soaked basil seeds to the milk and sugar mixture and stir gently.
  4. Take 2 cups of soda (fizzy drink) and pour it into the milk mixture. Stir gently to combine.
  5. Add 6-7 ice cubes to the mixture and stir again.
  6. Your Doodh Soda is now ready! Pour it into glasses and serve immediately.

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