10 Best Fragrances For Fall 2022

By Haris Aamir

2 November 2022


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1.    Chanel’s Sycomore

Chanel released the second retake of the 1930's Sycomore in September. The extract version of the renowned scent was produced by perfumer Olivier Polge in partnership with Maisons d'art as a more powerful olfactory experience. Sycomore, described as a "wood perfume," leaves a trail of vetiver, iris, cedarwood, and cypress on the skin, with overtones of leather and vanilla that give a touch of sweetness to this opulent and sensual aroma.



2.    Hermès H24

Hermès H24 will be a global hit in 2021. Hermes has released a higher-concentration Eau de Parfum version of this renowned fragrance this year. Perfumer Christine Nagel elevates the fresh and earthy H24 with a botanical note combination. The sage provides depth and intensity to this woody aromatic perfume, but it's the oakmoss that takes center stage, allowing it to evolve into a modern and unique fragrance.



3.    Prada’s Paradoxe

Emma Watson's visage has been all over social media lately, promoting Prada's new fragrance, Paradoxe. Beginning with sparkling notes of pear and bergamot and progressing to sensual middle notes of orange blossom and sambac jasmine before drying down to base notes of amber and benzoin, this scent is a contradiction. This season, Paradoxe will be feminine and refined, fresh yet warm and seductive.


4.    Goldfield & Banks Australia’s Purple Suede

Goldfield & Banks Purple Suede is a leather-inspired unisex scent. Purple Suede, a new fragrance created by perfumer Ilias Ermenidis, is an aromatic leathery fragrance enhanced with lavender, giving a seductive aura. Pink pepper, cashmere, patchouli, and amber combine to create a distinct, comfortable, and enticing fragrance.


5.    Tom Ford’s Ombre Leather Eau de Parfum

Ombre Leather Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford is a warm, spicy, flowery leather fragrance. Because of the tones of black leather, patchouli, and white moss, this style is suitable for both men and women. However, notes of amber, cardamom, and sambac jasmine add a feminine touch to an unmistakably seductive perfume.


6.    Spirit of Dubai’s Eau de Parfum

Majalis, a mysterious, spicy, amber fragrance that expresses the feeling of satisfaction, is approximately translated from Arabic to English as a sitting room.' The idea for Spirit of Dubai's Eau de Parfum comes from Arabian hospitality, with notes of qahwa (Arabic coffee) and dates. Majalis is a rich and luxurious, almost gourmet fragrance that charms and intrigues with notes of rose, benzoin, and heliotrope.




7.    Last Call To IBIZA by LEN Fragrance

LEN is a fragrance suitable for individuals who enjoy chasing the last summer sun. Through notes of passionfruit, raspberry, and peach, LEN Fragrance conveys the charm of the Balearic Islands. A gourmand and soothing element to this smell are provided by a glazed caramel note complemented with toasted coffee. Rose and freesia lend a seductive note to this composition, while sandalwood, patchouli, and musk strike the perfect balance to encapsulate both the luxurious and adventurous side of Ibiza.



8.    Boadicea the Victorious’ Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire, a best-seller for Boadicea the Victorious, is an energizing scent that envelops you in a blast of uplifting notes. Lemon and chamomile stand out in this clean perfume, which is ideal for warmer times. However, rose, jasmine, oud, and amber combine to create a seductive and alluring aroma that lasts on the skin and is projected well in lower temperatures.


9.    Gritti’s Duchessa

Gritti's Duchessa is a floral yet fruity fragrance that is powerful and sweet while remaining elegant. It's a sensuous and attractive scent that rests on the skin like velvet, with sweeter notes like cherry, orange, and peach combined with jasmine, star anise, and spicy cloves.



10. Venom Incarnat by Stephane Humbert

Venom Incarnat by Stephane Humbert Lucas is described as a love potion that makes the wearer appealing. It is sweetly sweet in nature yet has a sophisticated character. Beginning with berry notes and caramel and progressing to heart notes of raspberry and cedar with a dash of cinnamon, a thick base of leather, patchouli, tonka bean, and vanilla balances out the sweetness, creating a refined and long-lasting perfume.

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